Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grant's Indian - Contest announcement and giveaway

Here's your opportunity to WIN a fantastic book: Grant's Indian, by Peter Johnson! Hope on over to The Historical Novel Review blog, here, for more details. My review of Grant's Indian will appear shortly. Then later this week there will be an excerpt from the opening pages, followed by a fascinating interview with the author himself. The contest runs from April 6th-9th, when the winner will be announced.

This book brings a richness to 19th century American history that I, for one, never knew existed before. I have a far greater understanding of the forces that shaped the U.S.A. during this time of westward expansion and dynamic social and political forces - and all the while I was being entertained. I so wish Peter Johnson had been my high school history teacher - I wouldn't have fallen asleep in class so often then. He makes U.S. history truly interesting and brings so many historical figures vividly to life.

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