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Book giveaways and where to find more great indie authors

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Crown in the Heather (Paperback) by N. Gemini Sasson

The Crown in the Heather

by N. Gemini Sasson

Giveaway ends Sept. 15th, 2010.

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Since the book giveaway for The Crown in the Heather at The Historical Novel Review blog drew way more entrants than there were copies to give away, I've sponsored another over at GoodReads. You may enter between August 23rd and September 15th and must be a U.S. resident. (Apologies to those across the pond and down under, but the postage costs me more than the book.) Interested in more free books? Check out all the book giveaways at GoodReads!

The Crown in the Heather can be purchased online worldwide. In addition to the Kindle version at, U.K residents can now download the Kindle book from

Don't own a Kindle? Visit any Amazon site and download 'Kindle for PC' or any one of various Kindle apps for your iPhone, Android, or iPad.

Own an e-reader other than a Kindle? CITH is now available at Smashwords. This is also a great place to download a sample of the first portion many books to see if you like them enough to buy the whole thing.


For those readers who like to find the undiscovered gem in indie authors, here are some sites that regularly feature book reviews and interviews:

  1. Kindle Nation Daily - This one is huge and probably has the largest readership. Tons of information here on everything Kindle!
  2. The Indie Spotlight - I like sites like this that cover multiple genres, fiction and non-fiction. This site is run by Greg Banks and Edward Patterson who devote huge amounts of time to helping other authors.
  3. Breakout Books - Started by Dawn Judd, this is another site that regularly posts reviews.
  4. Kindle Author - Hosted by David Wisehart. A great place to learn more about indie authors and their books.
  5. Kip Poe's Blog - More author interviews and books.
  6. Spalding's Racket - This one gets quite a few visitors every day.
  7. Kindle Cheap Reads - Looking for a bargain? $5 and under finds.
***Know of other sites that feature indie authors? Feel free to include the URL and blog or site name here in the comments and I'll add them. I've been amazed at the support among indie authors and the number of readers willing to give them a try.

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