Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Hidden Dangers of Buying a Kindle

What? Did you think I was going to warn you about dangerous radiation waves emitted by your e-reader or how reading for hours into the night on a Kindle could lead to severe eyestrain, migraines and possible blindness? Uh, sorry, no.

My very first Kindle arrived just over a week ago. I had been planning on paying off some bills first, but with a 5-day trip to Belgium planned where I judged a dog show, I wanted a Kindle NOW so I wouldn't have to lug multiple books along. I am soooo glad I had it (maybe because my first flight home got canceled, so I spent 9 hours at the airport at Brussels, wondering if I'd make it home that day or not). I spent half as much on e-books as I would've on paperbacks and even browsed a few samples and got my next selections lined up. Makes me wonder why I waited so long.

Naturally, I couldn't allow my Kindle to travel naked and unprotected, so I had to dress it up and layer it accordingly. To carry my Kindle through 4 airports in one day's time, I needed something to put it in. So I chose the fab striped e-reader Roo Bag (bottom photo) in Red Rock fabric from Borsa Bella. BTW, Borsa Bella's customer service is top notch. And just to let you know how impressed I am with the price, style and quality, I bought not just one, but two --- and I normally hate purse shopping. But this was for my Kindle, you see, and Kindles deserve to look gooood.

To fancify and personalize the actual casing of the device, I started looking at skins. Little did I know there are hundreds of designs available to suit even the pickiest consumer, like me. I'm pretty sure I spent something like 5 hours ogling skins at DecalGirls. I settled on Tree of Books in matte finish and also got the more colorful Aqua Burn. Skins here run from $15-20, but if you 'Like' them on FB or pay attention to their site you can get discount codes or special deals on shipping if you buy more than one. They also have skins for cell phones, iPhones, iPads and laptops. In the future I won't have to grumble about the fact that almost all laptops come in silver and only silver - I can simply order a skin and have it look the way I want it to.

To protect the Kindle from bumps, I ordered an Oberon leather cover. If you don't want a bag for carrying, a leather sleeve will double in purpose. At $69, the cover is a bit of an investment, but you don't get any better craftsmanship than Oberon's and it's so durable it will undoubtedly serve its purpose for years to come. Mine is called Tree of Life and I LURV it. Not only do I find the leather smell intoxicating, but the pewter clasp with a miniature tree on it is first class - and they even sent along a matching pewter charm that I plan on putting on a silver chain. The Kindle fits snugly inside the corner straps of the case, there is a wool pad on the opposite side to protect the screen and it has little pockets built in either side. Oberon also sells purses, wallets, jewelry

To read in the dark, I went to Target and bought a Belkin e-reader light for about $15. Stays in place and the light positions easily, but it is BRIGHT. I was afraid of waking up the other sleeping passengers on the plane and had to shield them from the nova glow. And because I couldn't bear to think of my laptop bag clashing, I bought the brown and robin's egg blue bag above for it. Must be matchy-matchy - it's an illness I have.

Above are the two ensembles that started with one Kindle purchase. And no, they are not both for me.

Happy e-reading,

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