Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New look, same book

I've wanted to give Isabeau a makeover for ages and finally did it! Actually, the mega talented Steven Novak , illustrator and cover artist extraordinaire, did it.

I sent him the synopsis, a very brief description of Queen Isabella and we batted around a few ideas. He came up with this concept on the first try. A few tweaks later and I had a stunning new cover that is more consistent in its layout with the sequel, The King Must Die. I couldn't be happier!

So for those of you who momentarily exclaimed, "What? Another new book already?!" Uh, sorry, but no. Just a new cover. I still need to upload the updated files to the printer for the paperback version, but the changes have already been made for the e-book on Amazon and other retailers.

As for what I'm working on for my next book... let me just say to expect something a little 'different'.

Until later,

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Anita Davison said...

I loved the original cover art - very medieval and atmospheric. This one is beautiful too but in a different way. Looking forward to your new wip