Friday, October 4, 2013

Subcategories for Historical Fiction now on!

Book nerd alert! has added subcategories for Historical Fiction. You can now sort not only by location and type, but by time period as well. Those of you who like to read Historical Romance will still have to check under the Romance subcategories for new reads.

It seems that the sorting may have been done by a computer program, so for the time being some books are missing from their proper categories and some are just plain in the wrong ones, but for the most part the lists are correctly populated.

Last spring I had the chance to talk to a representative from Amazon's KDP program (their self-publishing platform) and when she asked what they could do to improve things, I mentioned adding more specific divisions for HF. Other authors also put in a word and there was a small movement of readers requesting the same.

I know I prefer specific time periods and places, so this definitely makes looking for HF books that might suit my tastes MUCH easier.

Here are some examples of the categories:

Type - Short stories, Religious, Women's Fiction, Fantasy, Biographical, Mystery ...

Location - Scottish, British, Irish, Italian, United States, Norse/Icelandic, Chinese ...

Time Period - Medieval, Ancient, 19 century ...

Just another indication that Amazon is genuinely interested in making the customer shopping experience the best it can be. Thank you, Amazon!

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