Monday, October 6, 2014

What to Read Next - Oct. 2014, #2

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One Good Dog, by Susan Wilson

"Adam is escorted from the building. He loses his job. He loses his wife. He loses the life he’s worked so hard to achieve. He doesn’t believe it is possible to sink any lower when he is assigned to work in a soup kitchen as a form of community service. But unbeknownst to Adam, this is where his life will intersect with Chance.
Chance is a mixed breed Pit Bull..."

I read this right after I posted about dog books to read. This is now one of my top three favorite dog books, along with The Art of Racing in the Rain and A Dog's Purpose. Loved the narrative voice in this book, the arc of both Adam and Chance, and the bond that forms between them. Heartwarming.

Where Petals Fall, by Melissa Foster

"On the surface Junie Olson's life looks idyllic, from her handsome husband and beautiful daughter to her successful business, the bakery she'd always dreamed of opening. But in the past few months her world has slowly unraveled. Her precocious child is withdrawing, showing unexplainable signs of emotional regression, a condition that frays the bonds of Junie's once impenetrable marriage."

Melissa Foster writes great romance novels, but this one is more Family Life with a dose of Suspense or Mystery. An intriguing read. I should mention that I shared Foster's book, Sisters in Love (which is FREE, btw), with my daughter and she promptly used up her Amazon Christmas gift card on the rest in the series.

Once A Runner, by John L. Parker, Jr.

"Once a Runner is the story of Quenton Cassidy, a collegiate runner at fictional Southeastern University whose lifelong dream is to run a four-minute mile. He is less than a second away when the political and cultural turmoil of the Vietnam War era intrudes into the staid recesses of his school's athletic department. After he becomes involved in an athletes' protest, Cassidy is suspended from his track team.
...This book is a rare insider's account of the incredibly intense lives of elite distance runners; an inspiring, funny, and spot-on tale of one man's quest to become a champion."

If you love running or want to know what it's like to be inside the head of an elite competitive runner, Once a Runner is a fulfilling read foll of luscious prose and beautiful descriptions. 

Happy reading!

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