Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Memories and Matchsticks is now live!

 Memories and Matchsticks, Sam McNamee Mystery: Book 1, is now live at all online retailers!

There’s an arsonist on the loose in rural Wilton, Indiana — and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep from being found out. Even murder.

After a decade-long absence, the night Sam McNamee returns to Wilton, she plows into a mangy mutt on a rain-slicked country road. Bump, the dog she rescues, has a history that drags Sam and her family into a web of danger, making her father a prime suspect.

Feuds and secrets run deep in Humboldt County. Sam can't leave until the arsonist is uncovered. Not that she'd want to anymore, since veterinarian Clint Chastain has stolen her heart. 
I had a blast writing this book and hope it makes you hold your breath, laugh, and hug your loved one a little tighter.
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