Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Crown in the Heather is now FREE everywhere!

I've finally made the move to permafree on all channels for The Crown in the Heather, The Bruce Trilogy: Book I.

You can find it here:

E-book: (Australia)
Apple (iTunes)
Barnes and Noble

What this means is that you can download CITH at no cost from any online e-book retailer.

Some people have asked me: Why would you give your book away? Simple. The strategy behind permafree is to get new readers to try your books. I look at it the same as if that book were sitting on every library shelf all over the world. Then, those who like it and want to read more can purchase the rest of the trilogy, and hopefully other books I've written.

So let your friends know they can read all about Robert the Bruce and James Douglas (swoon) for FREE wherever they like to get their e-books.

Tomorrow, I'll post about why I decided to make The Crown in the Heather free from a self-publisher's standpoint.

Until later,

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