Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Covers for The Bruce Trilogy

I am stoked to present a new set of covers for The Bruce Trilogy, courtesy of the talented team at Ebook Launch!

I can't say enough great things about their cover designs. I've had the original covers since I launched the first book, The Crown in the Heather, back in July of 2010, and have since gone on to sell almost 100,000 copies of the books in the trilogy. While I was happy with them, it was time to re-brand and get a more consistent and up-to-date look for the series.

This is especially important since I've recently uploaded all my books to a broad scope of sales channels, including Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, GooglePlay, and Scribd.

It's amazing how fierce the competition has gotten among indie books over the last few years. The covers are more professional, the editing is better, and there are more great books than ever. Covers that were serviceable a few years ago can pale in comparison to the topnotch designs out there today.

One thing I wanted to do was speak to my target audience a little more clearly for this series. While I've always considered them Biographical Historical Fiction, I feel they also have a strong element of Mens Action and Adventure to them. Hey, if you don't like battle scenes, don't read these books. Consider yourselves warned. ;-) Then again, if  you're reading this you probably already knew that.

I love everything about these: the subject, the background, the typography, the strong branding. Don't ask me to pick a favorite. Like children, I love them all equally.
So, feast your eyes, folks! I'm having a major cover crush, myself.

Until later,