Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cover Reveal: In the Time of Kings

Here it is! The Big Cover Reveal for my new historical fantasy/time travel romance, In the Time of Kings. The cover was designed by Damon at He does great work with typography and I have no idea where he found the image, but I LOVE it!!!

I'll give a shout when the pre-order button is up on Kindle, but expect a publication date of mid-September. In the Time of Kings is now undergoing final proofreading. Completing it has taken much longer than I anticipated, but I had to let the layers weave themselves into the story.

On the surface, this is a love story between Ross and Claire ... and between Roslin and Mariota. But it's also a story about forgiveness, letting go and how we're all connected to the past - sometimes in ways we never would have imagined.



What if you could remember another life?
What if you could re-live it and find love again?

     Professor Ross Sinclair has everything he could ever want. Reunited with childhood sweetheart Claire Forbes, Ross can finally begin to heal the pain of his childhood and live in the present. A honeymoon in Scotland is the perfect beginning.

     But when tragedy threatens Claire’s life, Ross’s dreams come to a crashing halt. He must now face the possibility of a future without her. In need of a reprieve from his bedside vigil, Ross sets out to meet with a local historian to uncover the secrets of his family tree. In one unfortunate moment, however, he’s hurled back to another time and confronted with even bigger problems. 

     Suddenly, it isn’t 2013 anymore. It’s 1333. The English have laid siege to Berwick, Ross has a wife he barely knows, more enemies than friends, and a past that brands him as a heretic. 

     Only on the battlefield can he prove his innocence. But if he does that, he’ll never get back to 2013. He may not even survive the fourteenth century.

 More soon!

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Anita Davison said...

The new cover is beautiful, Gemi, as with all your novels. I look forward to reading this one and I know you will handle the male PoV with your usual genius

N. Gemini Sasson said...

Thanks, Anita!

Judith Schara said...

What a lovely cover. I look forward to reading it.

N. Gemini Sasson said...

Thank you, Judith!