Friday, May 6, 2011

'The winner is . . .' and Friday Funnies

The winner of a copy of Sultana by Lisa Yarde is . . . *drumroll* . . .


A copy of Sultana is coming your way. Thanks to those who commented - and beaucoup thanks to Lisa Yarde for taking time out to appear here at MDAMM.

She may be a camera ham, but Trim is very, very unhappy about sporting The Cone of Shame.

After multiple trips to the vet as a pupster, we finally figured out Trim is allergic to corn. If she eats ANY food with corn it (a single piece of cat food kibble, a stray kernel of popcorn that has bounced under the stove, even a cookie crumb with corn syrup in it) she gets itchy ears. Actually, just one itchy ear. Always the left. Sometimes, if we're not paying attention and she goes to town scratching it, she gives herself an embolism and has to go to that awful place called . . . The Veterinarian's, get her ear drained and stitched, and then get 2-weeks worth of antibiotics.

Possibly, she hates taking pills worse than wearing the dreaded Cone of Shame or going to The Vet. She can recognize the rattle of a pill bottle from three rooms away and will hide herself in a corner behind the chair. Since it's always one of two corners, we know where to find her. Just to put this in perspective about how brave she is, she also runs away from The Brush. And no, she has never been beaten with it.

As she has discovered, The Cone of Shame is terribly inconvenient, embarrassing and headache-inducing when it comes to a) snowdrifts, b) stairs and c) doorways.

Tune in on Monday when I host Sarah Woodbury, author of Cold My Heart and The Last Pendragon!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend - and hug your pet today!

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